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Hello, my name is Kadeem and i enjoy playing basketball. my favorite basketball player is LeBron james of the Cleveland Caveliers. basketball is the only sport that i enjoy playing because it’s a physical game that requires intelligence,athleticism, and toughness. I started playing at the age of 12 years old and i’ve enjoyed it ever since. At the age of 14 i began to take the sport seriously and try my best to make it into college with my basketball skills. The college’s that i want to get into are the university of kentucky or texas A&m. I use basketball to relieve stress and i strive to get better at it. I practice hard and i play every game to win. Im a good scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, and most importantly a good leader. one of my big weaknesses are that i have a short temper. I don’t like to miss shots or make turnovers because that creates a bad situation for myself and my team. Basketball is the thing i use to get away from my problems for a little bit. I enjoy playing the sport and i hope to have a long career in the NBA. I am a big fan of hip-hop and rap music. Some of my favorite rappers are Lupe Fiasco, lil wayne, and Eminem because they speak their minds and they also spread messages through music. I use music to get me excited for basketball games and sometimes to get alone time to think. music also plays a big role in my lifestyle. I wouldn’t know what the world would be like without music. Another thing i am into is sneakers..! Im an absolute sneaker head. in my opinion you can tell a lot about a person by the sneakers they wear. And i only like the finest footwear. my favorite footwear brand is Nike because the sneakers they release are always unique,creative and they have a variety of classic sneakers in any style. Wanna know more? Don’t be afraid to ask questions !



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